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How a Flowseal Explosion Vent Panel Reduces Explosion Pressure

Pressure vs Time for the strength of a vessal

An explosion in a unvented vessel causes pressure to rise rapidly along curve A to a maximum pressure. This increased pressure is likely to cause damage to the vessel before Pmax is reached.

In a vessel with an explosion vent panel fitted, the pressure will rise until the panel bursts (Pstat), and will continue to rise until the maximum pressure (Pred) is reached and then drop off rapidly as the vessel is vented. Vessels should therefore be designed to withstand a pressure greater than Pred.

* Pstat – vent opening pressure

Pred – maximum explosion pressure in vented vessel

Pmax – maximum explosion pressure in unvented vessel

Flowseal Explosion panels Offer These Advantages:

  • Low burst pressure: Activation pressure as low as 0,05 bar (5kPa).
  • Instantaneous reaction: Will open rapidly without hindering discharge of dust and combustion products.
  • Full area venting: When bursting, panels provide maximum area for relief of pressure.
  • Low inertia: Vent closures are light, with low inertia.
  • Robust: Panels are strong enough to withstand normal operating and fluctuating pressures and temperatures as well as aggressive atmosphere.
  • High temperature operation: When protected by a Flowseal heat protection shield, panels can be subjected to temperatures of up to 500ºC.
  • Vacuum conditions: Panels can operate under negative pressures using vacuum support frames.
  • Consistent activation: Consistent burst pressure are provided which are not offered by other methods of explosion relief.
  • No fragmentation: Panels are designed to retain all parts when bursting-no flying projectiles.
  • Low maintenance: No mechnical parts to be maintained.
  • Certified burst pressures: Panels are burst tested and certified. Tolerance ±10% of nominal burst pressure.
  • Burst indicators: Burst indication systems can be fitted to the full range of panels if needed.
  • Special sizes: Both standard and special designs are available to suit your requirements.