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Product Range


Flowseal Engineering (Pty) Ltd are specialists in the design and manufacture of isolation and control dampers.

The following are examples of our extensive product range and field of expertise:


As the name implies, these are valves, and, as such, provide isolation to a much higher degree than dampers.

Where ducts carry noxious fumes and isolation is required to protect personnel downstream, only a valve offering total isolation will suffice.


In addition to the range of Metallic and Non-Metallic joints we manufacture, we can supply:

Rubber Expansion Bellows; Stainless Steel Flexible Hose; Slip-Type Expansion Joints; PTFE or PTFE-Lined Expansion Joint


Explosions can be devastating and occur far more frequently than most people realise. They often result in loss of life, injury, damage to plant equipment, and loss of production.


Flowseal designs and manufactures a range of products that are allied to the main product range.

Pot Strainers; Y Strainers; Sight Glasses; Tank Lever Gauges; Steam Traps; Ai release Valves; Battery Kilin Seals fire curtains heat shields; Insulation cloths; Insulated hoses; Stack cap seals; Gaskets; Tadpole tape; Flexible hoses; Rubber bellows; Rubber sleeves; Silencers; Solids handling valves