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How a Flowseal Explosion Vent Panel Reduces Explosion Pressure

Pressure vs Time for the strength of a vessal
An explosion in a unvented vessel causes pressure to rise rapidly along curve A to a maximum pressure. This increased pressure is likely to cause damage to the vessel before Pmax is reached. In a vessel with an explosion vent panel fitted, the pressure will rise until the panel bursts (Pstat), and will continue to rise until the maximum pressure (Pred) is reached and then drop off rapidly as the vessel is vented. Vessels should therefore be designed to withstand a pressure greater than Pred. * Pstat - vent opening pressure Pred - maximum explosion pressure in vented vessel Pmax - maximum explosion pressure in unvented vessel Flowseal Explosion panels Offer These Advantages: Low burst pressure: Activation pressure as low as 0,05 bar (5kPa). Instantaneous reaction: Will open rapidly without...

Explosion Panels Protect Your Equipment

Explosion Panel Diagram
FLOWSEAL BURSTING DISCS & EXPLOSION PANELS  Flowseal Bursting Discs & Explosion Vent Panels are manufactured to comply with the requirements of the American NFPA 68, 2007 edition entitled Guide for Venting of Deflagrations and also the German VDI-3673, 1995 edition and are tested and certified in compliance with BS 2915 : 1990, the Specification for Bursting discs and bursting disc devices. Flowseal Explosion vent panels can be of the multi ply composite slotted type or of the domed one piece construction type. The accuracy of response is within 10% of the certified burst pressure and the response is immediate. General Design Flowseal Explosion Vent Panels are manufactured with controlled opening patterns that ensure full opening on initial rupture and can be fabricated to any size,...