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Non Metallic (Fabric) Expansion Joints

Fabric Belt Type Expansion Joint
Applications range from Single Ply Fabrics handling air to Multi Ply Composite Fabric Expansion Joints handling Furnace waste gases at temperatures of up to 1400°C. Fabric Expansion Joints are always designed to suit the application and the Customer's requirements. Construction can be of the "Sleeve", "U" or "Belt" type, Circular or Rectangular and with or without "Flow Plates" or "Insulation Pillows". Flowseal can supply the associated steelwork, or provide the details for Customer supply. The PAPCO TEXFLEX range of expansion joint materials offers the customer an extremely high quality material, guaranteed for three years from date of installation, at prices not significantly higher than normal multi ply composite materials. With an anticipated life expectancy in excess of 10 years, and considering the cost of installation,...

Metallic Expansion Joints

Metallic Expansion Joint Construction
The options and variations in this category are numerous and include the following: Options Variations Spun Bellows Circular Pressed Bellows Rectangular Cold Rolled Bellows Oval Hydro Formed Bellows Single Convolution Multi Convolution Single Expansion Joint Double Expansion Joint Single Ply Multi Ply Hinged Gimbled Tied Pressure Balanced Expansion Joints Designs are in accordance with accepted codes such as EJMA and ASME etc and Quality Control to ISO 9001 ensures our customers of a quality product.