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Knife Gate Dampers

Knife Gate Dampers
Knife gate dampers perform the same functions as a guillotine damper, which is to provide a damper where the blade is removed from the air steam whilst in the open position, but are generally smaller in size. Knife gate dampers can be manufactured with an enclosed bonnet into which the...

Radial Vane Control Dampers

Radial Vane Control Damper Completed

These are primarily intended as fan inlet control dampers where, by introducing swirl into the inlet of the fan in the direction of rotation, the fan curve is changed as the damper moves, thus maintaining operation at an efficient point on the fan curve and eliminating the possibility of stalling…

Guillotine Dampers

Guillotine Damper Construction
Guillotine Dampers are generally used where high efficiency isolation is required, or in cases where it is inadvisable to have any blades in the gas stream, due to abrasion - they are not suitable as control dampers. Various sealing arrangements are available, including purge air arrangements to provide total isolation...

Louver Dampers

White Louvre Damper

Louver Dampers can be manufactured circular or rectangular, and in a variety of configurations. Generally, multi-blade louver dampers are used as control dampers – or as isolation dampers in rectangular or square ducts of a large cross sectional area, where use of a single blade would be impractical. Due to…

Butterfly Dampers

Butterfly Damper Construction

These can be manufactured circular or rectangular, in a variety of configurations to suit a multitude of applications. Although mainly used for isolation, they can be used for control. Sealing arrangements range from “swing through” for control only to stainless steel flexible blade seals for isolation efficiencies greater than 99%…